You are currently viewing Thanks to all our contractors who have made the Exeter Kindness Mural possible

Thanks to all our contractors who have made the Exeter Kindness Mural possible

Who knew that refurbishing the 100 m2 wall for the Exeter Kindness Mural would require a rather complex and lengthy process? And, yet bring together an extraordinary team of professionals in their field. We appreciate each of the contractors and suppliers who have made this project possible.

From the scaffolding to the rendering to the painting of the wall we are delighted with the high standard of workmanship which have prepared the way for artist Paul Colsell to reproduce a Charlie Mackesy masterpiece for the whole of Exeter to enjoy. The project has taken longer than we expected from getting pavement licences in place to working around the weather. However the end result will be well worth the wait.

The Exeter Kindness Mural thanks:

Apex Scaffolding

First up, thanks to Apex Scaffolding Exeter. The company was keen to participate in the project as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility at a reduced cost. Matthew Cousins pursued us on LinkedIn and we are so glad he did. It has been a pleasure to work with the South West’s premier, award-winning scaffolding company. Well done to Janek and George who completed the job in a day!

CH Plastering

In getting quotes for the repair of the wall it soon became clear that it needed to be resurfaced due to a number of cracks. However Chris Harper of CH Plastering suggested a better option would be for the wall to be rendered. CH Plastering aims to deliver the highest quality plastering and rendering in Devon and we are grateful to Chris for his expert advice. Also for bringing SAS Rendering Services on board to provide the materials needed.

Exeter Kindness Mural - Matthew Mitchell of SAS Render Systems and Chris Harper of CH Plastering Services.
Matthew Mitchell of SAS Render Systems and Chris Harper of CH Plastering Services.

SAS Rendering Services

With a reputation built on excellence and dedication, SAS Render Systems has been providing top-notch rendering solutions to countless projects, large and small, across the UK. Chris discussed the project with Matthew Mitchell of SAS Render Systems and the company agreed to discount the materials for the resurfacing of the 100 m2 wall. SAS have provided 675 kg of ProRend basecoat; three rolls of ProMesh reinforcement and 17 lengths of ProBead. With superior products like these, we are in for a massive transformation.

AJ Chappell writes on the SAS Render Systems website “The wall will undergo expert repair and rendering by the skilled hands of Chris Harper from CH Plastering Services. The charitable assistance from SAS Render Systems team ensures that this mural will not only be visually stunning but also long-lasting thanks to discounted high-quality materials.”

BSR Decorating

Ben Rourke of BSR Decorating will paint the wall once the render is dry. Ben who is a painter and decorator based in Dawlish has 15 years of experience in the trade and is known for his commitment to excellence. Ben kindly arranged for Johnsons Decorating Centre of Marsh Barton to donate the paint which Paul Colsell will use to create the largest Charlie Mackesy illustration to date.

 Johnsons Decorating Centre 

The paint for the project has kindly been donated by Johnsons Decorating Centre of Marsh Barton.

Signs Express, Exeter

Thanks also to Nick Baxter-Sibley of Signs Express Exeter for donating a large-scale banner to cover the scaffolding during the project to tell passersby what the project is all about. We appreciate this generous act of kindness.

On behalf of the Exeter Kindness team and all who have donated towards the project, we appreciate everyone who has gone the extra mile to make the mural happen.  We aim to inspire kindness in our city through the mural on the Crossline building and are also collecting funds for the charities that operate in the building.  Please click the donate link below if you would like to support the project.

This article has been written by Al Gibson on behalf of the Exeter Kindness team. Al has helped project manage the mural and Countdown Creative is pleased to be sponsoring the communications for the Exeter Kindness Mural project including social media management. Please follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and X.

Al Gibson

Al GIbson is an Exeter based businessman who runs Countdown Creative Ltd, offering copywriting and PR services including SEO content creation. Al is also a trustee of Kondanani UK a local charity that exists to alleviate poverty, especially in Malawi.

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